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New Year, New Garden- What To Do in the Garden This Season

It's a new year and that means a new gardening season is right around the corner! As every gardener knows, there is never a lack of projects to do in the garden. We've asked our gardeners to share some of their tips for a successful garden for each month of the year.

Included are several links to some of our most helpful blog posts and handouts that go into more detail on some of the topics. These link will be highlighted and underlined in green.


  • Spray your fruit trees with dormant oil when it's not raining or freezing.

  • Plan your garden for the coming season. Do you want to add more color to your garden beds this year? Were there any vegetable varieties you didn't try that you want to this season?

  • Review the vegetable planting timetable while planning your veggie garden. Keep crop rotation in mind, especially if you experienced any pests or diseases the year before.

  • Visit your favorite garden center for a little Winter pick-me-up and some Spring inspiration!

  • Check leftover seeds from the previous year. Some vegetable and flower seeds will last up to three years with proper storage while others are only viable for one season.

  • Start thinking about what kind of fruit trees you want to plant this year. Bareroot fruit trees are available in early February (and go fast)!