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Water You Doing This Summer?

The summer sun is out and your garden is in full bloom. From your freshly planted annuals to your well established trees and shrubs, the task of watering in summer can be quite daunting and time consuming- not to mention costly!

According to the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), "Nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for almost one-third of all residential water use, totaling more than 7 billion gallons per day." About half of that used water goes to waste due to over-watering, leaks, evaporation and wind!

One of the easiest ways to help reduce your water use and improve the quality, lifespan and health of your plants is to use a high quality mulch in your garden.

But what exactly is mulch? Simply put, mulch is 'a material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil'. This material helps hold in moisture, reduce weed growth, protect plants from extreme temperatures, and, as it breaks down, adds to the soil's fertility. The most common form of mulch being bark mulch, typically in shredded or nugget form, commonly used by gardeners and landscapers alike to create an attractive garden space.

How do you choose the right mulching material for your garden? It is important to make sure whatever you choose to use as a mulch is of good quality. Remember, this product will eventually break down and be part of your soil, directly impacting your plants health. Typically, for established plants you wont need to do much work around, a larger or more decorative mulch is preferred, as it gives the area a finished look. For garden spaces that are freshly planted, or that require you to spend a bit more time watering, a finer bark or compost is preferred, as it hold the moisture better and breaks down faster, giving your new plants a beneficial boost of organic matter.

At Airport Garden Center we carry a large selection of products to mulch with. From medium nugget bark, to coco mulch, to Soil Building Conditioner, we have the right product for you and your garden!

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