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Frequently Asked Questions

Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you with all the advice

you want and all of the tips you need! 


How do we get to your store?  We are on the west side of Port Angeles.  From Highway 101 turn north on Airport Road and then left at the stop sign, we are right around the corner on your left.  Please click here for Google Maps location.


What are your store hours?  Please note that our hours change from winter to spring to summer.  Our current hours are Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:30 am - 5 pm Sunday noon - 4:00 pm.

Are you hiring?  Every year we need extra part-time seasonal employees and start our hiring search mid-January. Please click here to view our employment opportunities.


Do you sell gift cards? Yes we do! Our gift certificates can be purchased for any amount and never expire. You can purchase in store or over the phone. Gift certificates purchased over the phone can be left at the store for pick-up or mailed. 


What zone are we in? The Olympic Peninsula USDA zones range from 6b – 9a.  We recommend that you look for plants with at least a zone 7 hardiness level to account for our typically wet winters. 


Do you have mulch? Yes!  We have all kinds of mulch.  Mulch is a generic term meaning a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil.  We have bark mulch, cocoa mulch, soil conditioner mulch, straw, etc.


What are your cats’ names, their coats are so nice – what do they eat, what is on their collars?  J.P. (Jean Paul) and Karen are brother and sister mixed breed cats that have lived at Airport Garden Center since they were approximately 8 weeks old.  They eat Blue Buffalo cat food and enjoy an evening treat of Blue Buffalo pouch treats.  They occasionally wear a PetSafe Boundary Collar to keep them safe from harm and from choosing too many of their own toys and snacks.


What is your bird’s name, what kind of parrot is he and can he talk?  Sammy is a White-Capped Pionus Parrot and particularly likes to talk to children and other animals that come into the store.  Occasionally he will say “Hi baby” and “Hi Sammy” and then “Airport Garden Center” when the phone rings.

The nursery cat
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