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Air Plant Care

It turns out air plants need a little bit more than air to thrive. Learn all about it here!

Air Purifying Houseplants

Learn all about the top air purifying houseplants in this handout.

Berries, Fruit & Nut Trees 2020

A look at our selection of berries, exotic fruits, nut & fruit trees for the 2020 season.

Please note these varieties are subject to change. 

Chicks & Ducks 2020

A list of our expected chick and duckling varieties.

Companion Planting in the Vegetable Garden

Did you know some crops perform better when planted together? Use this handy chart to plan your vegetable garden!

Cover Crops

Use cover crops to improve soil fertility, help drainage, prevent erosion and disease, and get your vegetable gardens ready for the next season!

Deer Resistant Plants

Many PNW gardeners face the same problem- deer! We are often asked, “What plants do you have that the deer won’t touch?” Although there is no exact way to determine what the deer in your neighborhood will and won’t eat, here are some examples of plants that have been reported as being ‘Deer Resistant’.

Dormant Spray

Dormant Spray refers to spraying a plant with ‘Dormant Oil’ when the plant does not have any active growth to prevent the plant from getting diseases and to fend off pests. 

Garden Journal

The experienced gardeners secret weapon! Use a garden journal to keep track of crops you liked, loved, and want to avoid. 

Leafcutter Bees

The trick to successful gardens is pollination! Leafcutter Bees are exceptional pollinators that will help boost your yields and make your garden flourish! Extend your gardening season with these friendly bees!

Living Christmas Tree Care

Learn HO-HO-How to care for a living Christmas tree you can transplant to your yard after the holiday season.

Mason Bees

Pollination is an essential part of every garden! But how do you guarantee that your garden is getting pollinated? Introducing Mason Bees to your yard! From fruit trees to flowers and vegetables, these little workers will guarantee you get the best from your garden!

Non-Toxic Houseplants

Houseplants can be hard when you have pets and kids! Use this guide to help you find plants that are beautiful and safe.

Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees

A how-to guide on planting fruit trees from bare root, including the tools and products you will need to be successful!

Planting Clematis

Using a proper planting procedure will ensure you are successfully growing your clematis.

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