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Pre-Order FAQ's

Airport Garden Center is excited to now offer pre-ordering for select fruit trees.

Please read the frequently asked questions below prior to placing your order.


What is a pre-order?  Like many of our plants, we place orders several months in advance of their arrival in order to reserve them from the growers. By pre-ordering a fruit tree on our website we are able to communicate the quantity of fruit trees needed to our growers. When you pre-order a fruit tree, that tree is reserved for you from the moment it arrives on our property. 


Am I guaranteed to get the fruit trees I pre-order?  While submitting a pre-order greatly improves your chances of receiving your fruit trees, there are a few factors that may result in your tree not being available. These can include: 

  • Limited supply from our growers.

  • Damage or loss in shipping.

  • Trees not picked up during our pick-up time. 

Should any of the listed events take place a full refund of the unavailable items will be issued to you

When will they arrive?  Pre-orders are for the 2024 season. Our fruit tree order typically arrives the last week of January through the first week of February. Once we have a confirmation from our growers on delivery you will be contacted with a pick-up window.  


How long do I have to pick up my pre-ordered fruit trees? All pre-ordered trees must be picked up by February 14th, 2024.  All trees not picked up in that time frame will be placed for sale and a full refund will be issued to you. 

How will the trees arrive?  Pre-ordered fruit trees will arrive bare-root. Please click here to learn more about planting bare-root fruit trees. 

Do you deliver? Yes! We can deliver your fruit trees for an additional fee of $5 a mile, one direction, up to 20 miles. (No limit on quantity of trees delivered. $25 minimum delivery charge.) 


What does my payment cover?  The prices listed in our online shop are a 50% deposit on your select trees. The additional 50% + tax is due at time of pick up. You will also be charged delivery fees at this time, if applicable. 


How long are you accepting pre-orders?  Pre-orders are due to us by DecembeR 1st, 2023. No pre-orders or pre-paid holds will be accepted after that time. 

Will you have fruit trees available for regular purchases at your store? Yes! We will be ordering our usual batch of fruit trees for our customers, as well. However; we are unable to predict how fast these will sell out. Pre-pay and holds are not available for our regular stock of fruit trees. 

Can I return or exchange a tree once I have pre-ordered it? Due to the nature of us reserving trees, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on pre-ordered items. 

Not finding the answer to your question? Email us anytime at or call us

during our regular business hours at 360-457-8462.

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