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Time to (PLAN)t

All successful gardeners know- you can't spell plant without plan!

We put together a list of things to consider to make the transition from snow to sow to grow as easy as possible and help you prepare your garden- and yourself- for Spring veggies.

  • Make a list of vegetables you want to plant. Jot down any that come to mind, remember to include specific varieties you liked from the year before. Want to be extra prepared? Write them down in the order they will need to be planted! This will make it even easier to ensure you're getting everything in the ground on time.

  • Measure your garden space. So you want 50 rows of corn... but do you have the room? Measure your planting space and make a mock up of your garden on paper. This way you visualize just how much area you have to play with. It will also make it much easier to...​

  • Amend your soil. It is still a touch to early to add new dirt to your garden. Early to mid February is the ideal time to amend your existing soil with rich, high quality organic matter. A layer of a few inches over existing dirt should be enough to get you through a season- while it's always a good idea to replace soil in small pots and planters completely.

  • Look through planting guides. We have a selection of guides available you can view here.

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