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Our Staff

Airport Garden Center was founded in 1977 by the Matthews' family to provide a diverse selection of high-quality, reasonably priced plants and supplies for the local community.  

We will do our best to ensure you enjoy your experience.

Kaitlyn Sallee


An employee since 2000, Kaitlyn started her journey at Airport Garden in the pet department and worked her way up to management. One of her most memorable experiences at the store is from when she was 16 and someone had left a box of kittens outside the front gates. "I got out and opened it, and it had three tiny kittens- two orange and a calico. They were so hot and dehydrated, so I took them into the store and fed them with a bottle. 17 years later I still have Ziggy, one of those orange kittens." When she isn't managing the team, she spends her free time with her daughter, Addy, on their farm, where they have several dogs, rabbits and horses, participating in 4-H events, equine rehabilitation and animal rescue. 

Patrick (Pat) Matthews


Known around Airport Garden Center as, "The Guy Who Knows Everything", Pat started working for the company in 1999, 22 years after his mother, Eldora, started the business. The plants and the people are his favorite part of coming to work. Before joining the team, he worked as an executive chef for 25 years at Haguewood's Restaurant in Port Angeles. Outside of helping customers in the garden, Pat enjoys gardening at home, fishing, and spending time with his dog, Daisy. 

Elizabeth (Betsy) Matthews

City, State

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Betsy Sue Smith

Floor Lead, Customer Service

An employee since 2002, Betsy Sue loves to create bright, beautiful flower baskets and containers she can enjoy all spring and summer long. When she isn't helping customers, she enjoys mowing her lawn, cooking, gardening, spending time with her husband, Logan, their two wiener dogs and their daughter, Taylor Sue. She loves helping customers solve their problems and enjoys spending time with her Airport Garden team. 

Miriah Spiers

Garden Dept. Lead

Always ready to greet you with a smile, Miriah can be found in our garden assisting customers, designing our plant displays and keeping the plants looking healthy and happy. After graduating from Lake Washington Institute of Technology with a degree in Environmental Horticulture, she joined the Airport Garden team in 2015. When she isn't helping customers find the perfect plant for their needs, Miriah enjoys spending her time outdoors, creating art, cooking and spending time with Derek, their dog, Bodhi, and two bearded dragons. 

Marissa Wilson

Customer Service, Marketing, Social Media & Events

A customer from a young age, Marissa became an employee in 2013 after graduating high school. Her favorite thing about coming to work is the people. "We have such a wide range of customers. Some come out of their way just to shop with us. I'm always getting asked new questions, so the learning never stops. It's a ton of fun." When she isn't at work, Marissa enjoys acting with local theater groups, singing, traveling and going hiking with her dog, Flynn.

Derek Goudie

Garden Dept.

Coming from a background in landscaping, Derek joined the Airport Garden family in 2015. An avid houseplant grower, he enjoys all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants, but his favorite are deciduous trees and shrubs, "because they get a bad rep", he says. Derek also has a passion for fitness, and has studied many different styles of martial arts and boxing. He is always ready and excited to help customers create the garden of their dreams and design displays at the store. When he isn't busy buzzing around work, he spends his time with Miriah and their dog Bodhi.

Dan Holman

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Jason Kauffman

Warehouse Lead

Jason became a member of the Airport Garden family in 2013. Before joining us he worked as a photographer, truck and equipment operator, and landscaper. His favorite part of coming to work is the staff. Fruits, veggies, maples and fragrant flowers are a few of his favorite plants. His free time is spent with his daughter and their three dogs. 

Kelsie Brown

Customer Service, Houseplants

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Eldora Matthews

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Mark Matthews

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"What's that sound?" 

"That's our parrot, Sammy!"

Sammy is a White-Capped Pionus Parrot born in 2009 and raised by-hand here at the store. While he isn't a fan of most people, he is a huge fan of banana chips. You can occasionally hear him say a few phrases, such as, "What're you doing, Sammy?", "Airport Garden", or "Hey, Sammy" along with several whistles. He gets his photo taken with Santa every year, even though Santa is afraid of Sammy.

Karen & Jean Paul (J.P.)

Customer Service

Fraternal twins J.P. and Karen have been part of the team since 2012. You can find them inside the store, typically near the counter- eagerly awaiting pets. Their responsibilities include: greeting customers, taste testing treats, napping on their cat post, and cheering on the rest of the staff. J.P. is a huge fan of our grass selections, while Karen spends her time browsing our houseplants. "I love it when Santa comes to visit", says Karen, "it's my favorite time of the year." "I prefer chick season",  J.P. responds.  No matter the time of year, these two purr-fect employees will be more than happy to assist you. They work seven days a week.

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If you're looking for a particular plant, tool, or supply for your garden,

call us at 360-457-8462 and we'll let you know if we have it, or if we can get it for you!

We are here for our growing gardeners!

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