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DIY Wreath Station!

The holidays are here and that means our DIY Wreath Making Station is up and running! There's nothing that gets us in the festive feeling quite as much as making wreaths. They are so easy to do and there are endless variations and styles to create. Our wreath station is simple to use and great for all ages.

Learn how to make your very own wreath in 5 easy steps below!

Step 1: Choose your shape!

Photo: Hand holding a 14" round wreath frame.

Many of us think of the classic round shape when someone mentions wreaths, but there are many different shapes you can use!

Round, Candy Cane, Crosses, Centerpieces, Curved Swags and more, depending on the level of difficulty and time you would like to spend. For beginners we recommend the classic round shape, centerpiece or curved swags. These shapes are easier to design and put together. Have your heart set on anther shape? Don't worry- we are here to help! A member of our team will help guide you and give you advice to create a stunning holiday wreath of any shape or size.

IMPORTANT: Each wreath shape is what we call a wreath frame, and on these frames are clips- the pieces of metal that hold down your greenery. After you choose your shape, count these clips. Remember that number as you move on to step 2...

Step 2: Bundle your greens!

Photo: Hand holding a finished greenery bundle.

After you have chosen your wreath frame and counted your clips, it's time to start making greenery bundles! You will need one bundle for each of your wreath frame clips for a full wreath, or half of that amount for a wispy or daintier wreath. If you are unsure, start with half- you can always make more!

There are no rules when assembling your greenery bundles. Mix and match different types of greenery, play with length, shape, and textures. You are making the base of your wreath, so skip adding decorations or berries for now (we'll get to that later).

Once you have a handful of greens that you like, secure them together with a rubber band and set them aside. When all of your bundles are finished, it's time to move on to step 3...

Step 3: Layout your wreath design!

Lay your wreath frame on a flat surface (we have tables set up for this) and set your bundles next to it. The purpose of this step is to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like so you can make changes, if needed, before the greens are attached to the frame.

Photo: Laying bundles of greenery over wreath frame.

One by one, place each greenery bundle on your frame, working in a counter-clockwise direction, placing the bundles one on top of another. Try to line up the rubber band with the clips, as this will be where the bundles will be secured.

For a round wreath we like to arrange the bundles with a slight outward angle. How far they are angled will determine the overall size of the finished wreath. If you would like a smaller, more compact wreath, place them on almost straight. If you would like a larger wreath, place them up to a

45 degree angle. Learning this step can be tricky, so please ask a member of our team for help, if needed.

For other shapes you will lay the bundles on the frame straight. There are exceptions to this- so if it doesn't look how you'd like, play around with the angles until it looks just right!

Once you have laid all of the bundles out over the wreath frame, step back and take a look. Are there any bare spots? Are some bundles thicker or longer than others? Maybe you started with half of the bundles needed and would like a fuller wreath? Now is the time to grab some extra pieces of greenery and fill in those gaps!

When you are happy with how your wreath looks remove the bundles from your wreath frame. If you had a specific design you would like to keep, try and remember the order you are removing them so they can be placed back on the same way.

Step 4: Crimp, crimp, crimp!

Photo: Using the wreath crimper to attach bundles.

The next step is to attach your greenery bundles to your wreath frame! We have a special tool called a wreath crimper that bends the clips on your frame over your bundles, securing them in place. Because this tool can be a tricky to use, we ask that you please let a staff member know when you are ready for this step so we can help guide you.

If you're taking the frames home with you, this step can also be done with a bit of elbow grease. The clips should be bent over the bundles tightly enough that they do not move with the frame is lifted.

After the wreath is crimped, pick it up and hang it the way you would like it displayed. If there are any loose branches or bare spots, use wire to secure branches onto the wreath.

Now are you ready for the really fun part?!?

Step 5: Time to decorate!

Once your wreath is crimped it's ready for the finishing touch- decorations! Keep it simple or go all out with glittery pinecones, ornaments, berries and more. Many of the decorations are re-usable and will last several years. We like to lay them on the wreath first then attach them using wire. (If the decorations don't have wire already attached, we have extra to help secure them.) Finish off with a bow, and admire your work!

Congratulations! You just learned how to create your very own wreath!

Hang it over a door, mount it to a wall, place on your table and ENJOY!

Please keep in mind the materials used are flammable.

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