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Other Supplies

Birds and Bees Supplies

At Airport Garden Center we have everything you need to feed your flock and to pollinate your garden or orchard!


We carry an extensive selection of wild bird food & feeders, beneficial insects (seasonally) & bee keeping supplies.  Some examples include:


  • High-quality wild bird food and feeders to take care of your outdoor birds year-round. Click here to find out more about Wild Delight's wild bird food.

  • Discover how to pollinate your yard with Mason bees that are available mid-January

  • Introduce other beneficial insects to your garden, such as ladybugs and beneficial nematodes, which are available from March until October.

Here is an Assortment of Our Bird & Bee Supplies

If you're looking for a particular gardening supply, call us at 360-457-8462 and we'll let you know if we have it, or if we can get it for you!

We are here for our growing gardeners!

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