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At Airport Garden Center we offer resource guides to help you with your gardening needs. 


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Berries, Fruit & Nut Trees 2020

A look at our selection of berries, exotic fruits, nut & fruit trees for the 2020 season.

Please note these are subject to change.

Garden Journal

The experienced gardeners secret weapon! Use to keep track of crops you liked, loved and want to avoid!

Vegetable Timetable

From sowing seeds to harvesting, use this handy timetable to plan our your vegetable garden

Companion Planting

in the Vegetable Garden

Did you know some crops perform better when planted together? Use this handy chart to plan your vegetable garden!

Planting Garlic

Get the best yields in the garden and the best flavor in the kitchen with these helpful tips.

Cover Crops

Use cover crops to improve soil fertility, help drainage, prevent erosion and disease, and get your vegetable gardens ready.

Planting Potatoes

Our favorite starch! A quick guide to planting potatoes and the tools you need.

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